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Member news

Want to congratulate the graduation of your friend or family member?

Like others to share the joy or sadness of yours, your friends, or your family's?

Heard about a job opportunity that others maybe interested, or need to find one for yourself?

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沙滩排球 - 沙滩排球时间:每周六晚7:00-7:30 地点:UTHSCSA沙滩灯光球场欢迎广大华人朋友参加!! Contact: qiwenbo@yahoo.com 562-6114

Tai Ji Quan (T'ai Chi Ch'uan)

Want to learn Tai Ji Quan (T'ai Chi Ch'uan). Personal or group. Thanks.

Strawberry pickup by your own

please check the following web site for more detail www.marburgerorchard.com




Driving Training School
Chen Ji, E-mail address: chenjizh@yahoo.com

I want to get training on driving. It will be appreciated if someone can recommend a good driving school or instructor in San Antonio.

I want to look for a apartment


I am a visiting scholar,female,in UTSA,I am looking for a room near UTSA. If somebody have one bedroom available to share from Jan 16 or early Feb, please let me know by email:lisumeiy@263.net or sammyli28@hotmail.com ,thank you so much

In Need of Information

I will move to San Antonio from TN in November. I plan to buy a house, and also need a housekeeper. I need some information. Can anyone get in touch with me? Thanks.

an overnight sleeping place

Hi, everyone, I am a new coming PhD student. I am looking for an overnight sleeping place because I have a class in the Monday and Wednesday night. All I need is a place to set up a sleeping bag from 10:30pm to 7:30am. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you!

Zhi Zheng, tylerzheng@hotmail.com , (210)4103294(c)

Hi,everyone. I am a graduate student in computer science major at UTSA and will graduate in Aug, 2004. I am seeking a position of software engineer/programmer. If you heard about any such position, hope you can contact with me. Thanks a lot.