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Join Us

If you would like to become a member of the San Antonio Chinese Alliance, please download the form below:

Download membership form (doc)doc for PC or (pdf)doc for MAC

Please return your form to

SACA sacamember@gmail.com

Please send the completed form to SACA, P. O. Box 591782, San Antonio, TX 78259-1782 along with your annual VIP membership fee ($15 per family, $10 per individual) payable to SACA; or email the filled form to sacamember@gmail.com and pay membership fee by Paypal

Pay Membership Fee

请将填好的表格及VIP会员年费 (家庭十五美元, 个人十美元)寄到圣城华人联盟信箱 SACA, P. O. Box 591782, San Antonio, TX 78259-1782;或者以电子邮件附件的方式将填好的表格发送至sacamember@gmail.com,会员年费可通过华联网站的 Paypal 支付。

Your personal and financial information is safe with Paypal.